Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pics from the Dallas Arboretum - Artscape 2014

taking a 5 minute break after setting up

 first sale

When I think back to the weekend of April 25, I start feeling the energy of the weekend running through my body.  I really cannot wait until next year.  Artscape was the perfect place for me to show my paintings.  Attendees were lovers of flowers and nature just like me.  They couldn't get enough of the tulips, every tulip painting sold.  It was so much hard work preparing for my first outdoor art show.  I am not talking about painting, I am talking about 2 months of getting organized, learning how to anchor a tent so that it does not blow away in the wind, finding the display walls, framing everything, packaging everything to take to the show, marketing, finding friends to help for free, arranging rides for my children to get home from school…. 

But, I will say it was well worth it.  I made lots of new artist friends, having lunch with one of them tomorrow, in fact.  I was inspired by one female artist who is well into her 70's setting up her own tent all by herself, she says it keeps her young and in shape.  Talking with the attendees, running into old friends from the past and even meeting someone that lives in a house that I have painted long ago!  

Now, I have follow up.  I think I have 5 commissions on my plate right now.  I had a very interesting inquiry for a commission for Father's Day.  I hope they decide to do it because it is a different idea.  I entered all the emails that were listed in my guest book and sent info about my upcoming reception at City Cafe.

So, if you are in Dallas, please come celebrate with me!

May 14
City Cafe 
Lovers at the Tollway

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  1. Bonjour Liana,
    Félicitations pour cette belle exposition.
    Bisous de France :)

  2. Hi Liana, how wonderful! Very encouraging when it's a good day. The last show I did they changed from the Sat. to Sun. for their own personal reasons. Well, Sat. it was beautiful and Sun. it poured all day and the show was a wash out. I think they should have given us all refunds because if they had left the show on Sat. we would have had more than a handful of people show up.

  3. It looks like it was the perfect day! How lovely to get to meet other Artists too :0)


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