Monday, June 17, 2013

Homeless in Austin, Texas

Work in progress

I think he was going to ask me for money, but, I started talking as he approached me and my husband.  I immediately took out my camera, said I was an artist and if I could take a few photos so I could paint him.  He talked some gibberish and did all kinds of silly poses and gestures, but, did not ask me to stop taking photos, so I just kept taking them.  My husband did ask me to stop and for us to move on.  We did give him some money and I came home with this awesome photo of him.  He is smiling a mischievous smile in the photo.  I hope I can make that happen in the painting. 

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  1. Looks great, Liana. And knowing that he's homeless just makes that bouyant, sweet smile of his so touching: what people endure and keep smiling!

  2. You captured this homeless man beautifully, Liana!... Wonderful colors in his face... (your husband sounds like my husband..LOL)

  3. This is a very sincere and feeling portrait. You captured his grace and character.


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