Sunday, May 26, 2013

Big, Bright Flowers

work in progress

I hope everyone is enjoying this Memorial Day weekend and that we all take a minute to remind ourselves and our children what Memorial Day is about.   

I have a little more work left on this painting.  It is a full sheet of watercolor paper, so the yellow zinnia is pretty big.  Like most artists, we all love to paint flowers.  I was attracted to the shadows that were in the photo.  I have the step by step progress photos posted on my Liana Yarckin Watercolors facebook page.  Any thoughts on the name for this painting?

News:  City Cafe is having a last hurrah party this Wednesday, May 29, 6-8.  This party coincides with the closing of my show.  It has been a great success.  I have hung new paintings in place of those that sold, so if you already went to the reception, there are new things to see.  

Thanks for visiting and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!


  1. Looks stunning already Liana, such beautiful and bright colors. I am just the worst for finding titles , sorry won't even TRY :-) xx

    1. Thanks, Jane. I know, some artists have such deep or clever titles. I am still in the "just want to paint a pretty painting" phase.

  2. Oh this painting is STUNNING! Such beautiful, vibrant colours! :0)

    1. thank you, Sandra! How is your puppy? i enjoy seeing the pics on facebook.


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