Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas, in white linen that is

11x14 watercolor

Is it as warm where you are as it is here?  We are experiencing mild weather, highs in the 70's-80's.  As one friend put it, "we have two seasons in dallas, winter and summer and sometimes within the same week."

The painting above was just picked up today.  My client is going to give it to her husband for Christmas.  This is a home in Highland Park.  Although, I took the photos in November when the commission came in, my client preferred to have the azaleas and crepe myrtle in bloom.  I do love painting the gorgeous architectural details, but, what is most fulfilling is how pleased and appreciative my clients and recipients are of the painting I have done for them.

That's my painting framed.  Wow, what a difference a frame can make.  I am honored that she hung it in a prominent space in her dining room along with some fabulous art by other women artists.  I posted that painting last year here and on facebook.  The woman next to it saw it on facebook and replied to buy it.  I happen to be dressed for a costume party in this photo, so hence the red hair.

Hope you are able to slow down and enjoy this holiday season.  


  1. It really does show it off in that wonderful frame! And here in the south of England, it is most definitely winter! It's at just 0.5 degrees here at the moment! Brrrr...

    1. Sandra, thank you. When we lived in London, we did that garden tour of the homes in the yellow book in the Kent area. That was in the spring or summer of course.

  2. It's 37 degrees here in New York..crisp & wonderful. I love both of these paintings, Liana...The house painting is absolutely beautiful and know that your clients husband will love it.

    1. Hilda, thank you. You are so sweet. I will say the house is so charming as it is, I did not have to do much.


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