Monday, November 19, 2012

Calling All Watercolor Artists

Watercolor Artists, I just wanted to let you know that there is a great new resource for you, the Southwestern Watercolor Society on Facebook.  Artists and collectors, please visit the facebook page (not the group) to see the latest info on workshops, speakers, competitions, paint outs, art....
As the official SWS Facebook Chair, any feedback you have on the page would be much appreciated.  Please show your support by pressing the "Like" button.  As soon as I see you all on there, I will stop blogging about it ;).

 Sunflower Trio
15x22 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin
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4x6 Spirit Cards made from last weeks painting

Sunflower Trio was done using a spirit card as the design for an under painting.  The second photo shows the painting from last week cut up into 4x6 "spirit cards".  This is a technique explained in Douglas Walton's book.  I used one of the spirit cards to create the under painting for Sunflower Trio by painting exactly what was on the card on my 15x22 paper.  I selected a card that had opposite movement or design than what my composition of the flowers.  I thought this would create both tension and interest.  Some of the under painting ended up getting lost though because I used a non-staining color.  You can see remnants of the under painting where I used staining colors.  So that is a lesson I learned.  

Another thing I learned, whether I use spirit cards or not for an under painting, creating the first part of the spirit painting was an absolute great way to let loose and have fun.  If I am ever having a painter's block, I think I will just set out to make spirit cards to break out of my block.  Making that initial painting really took me to another place in my head.  Without preconceived ideas I was in a wonderland of just following my instinct and responding to what felt right.  Then looking at the invidual spirit cards gives me ideas for interesting patterns and compositions.  

At this point, I have abandoned underpaintings because I want to save my white.  Do you use underpaintings?  What is your way to get creative and loose?  Wine?  Music?  Post to share with everyone, don't be shy.  

p.s. don't forget to like the Southwestern Watercolor Society facebook PAGE, please.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


  1. Your cards are so cool! And thanks for the FB info, I'll check it out!

  2. Definitely liked on FB!! Love the sunflower as well!


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