Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny Days Remembered

 in progress

 in progress

 Summer has Arrived

a clean desk!

Hello all.  Again, a big thank you for all of your congratulations on my art show.  It has been a great success and I could not be more thrilled and encouraged!  The paintings are still hanging at City Cafe To Go if you want to take a look.  Please make sure to tell Michele and Karim that I sent you there way.

In the meantime, look at these fun works in progress and my clean desk!  I had to take a picture of my desk because I couldn't believe how nice and inviting it can look.  It is usually a huge mess with photos, clippings from magazines, tubes of paint everywhere, stacks of paintings in progress, etc.

Continuing with the Cafe series, I have the above works in progress on one completed painting.  It looks like the Cafe series is taking a turn to anything with umbrellas present.  I used a pouring technique as an under painting for the painting on top.  It was very windy and the umbrellas were flapping in the wind.  I like how the umbrellas look with this under painting, but, more work is needed.

Can you believe that "Summer has Arrived" was as light as the painting above it?  I took the photo of this scene when leaving Martha's Vineyard by ferry.  There was so much attraction on the dock and I loved the patterns the shadows made both in the foreground and at the buildings with white railing in the background.

I will continue on layering in transparent paint on the second painting to establish a path for the viewer's eye.  It looks like we have a possible "snow" day tomorrow in Dallas.  I hope so and then I can paint, paint, paint all day!!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting.  Your emails and comments keep me going.

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  1. Love the way these works are coming up. Can feel the sunshine. Keep going.

  2. The paintings are all looking great. I think I'll clean up a bit:)

  3. These are SO gorgeous! I am LONGING for summer to arrive and this is like dangling the carrot! My absolute favorite is the 3rd down, 'Summer has Arrived'! I LOVE this! And I always enjoy looking at photographs of an Artists work space - Maybe I am just a nosey person! But I think it gives me more of a sense of the Artists themselves and their surroundings.
    After seeing your photo I couldn't POSSIBLY show you mine! It is far to chaotic in comparison! It is nice sometimes to have a good old clean up though isn't it? :0)

  4. Thank you. I am really focusing on design and strong values. Sandra, I did receive several sarcastic emails from friends and my husband saying that the photo of my desk would only be for one minute. I am very messy or clutter seems to gather onto my desk and then all over the floor!


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