Friday, December 9, 2011

Winning Christmas Sails


I was thrilled with this commission!  A sea of sailboats in action AND a red spinnaker!  You know I love painting with reds and sailboats.  My client had the idea of a watercolor of her father and brothers sailing.  After receiving permission from the photographer, Tim Wilkes, I used one of his photos for this painting.  This would be the first time I had such a great reference of beautiful boats moving at full force in the water.  The father is the skipper and the other two figures are his sons.  This was the 2008 J22 Worlds Championship Regatta in Rochester, NY.  The father won The World's Master and the Grand Masters (50 and over).  My client is giving it to her father for Christmas.  I titled it Championship, not only because of the fact that they won, but, more for the fact of a championship of the relationship of father and sons.  Spending time together, working together, winning in life together.

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  1. I loved the color composition here. That warm burst of red against all that blue just grabs your attention. Very interesting, daring and eye catching..

  2. Wonderful painting. I especially like your handling of the water, the waves..

  3. This is FANTASTIC! I love all the colours in the water which really does have movement in it - and that red sail really pulls me in! Fabulous :0D

  4. What a fabulous gift!!!! Wonderful job and I agree with Sandra the colors in the water are terrific. Love that big pop of red too!! Someone's gonna have a great Christmas!!

  5. Friends, thank you for your thoughts. I am pleased with the water, as well, Tony.


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