Thursday, July 14, 2011

Found Some Shade

Tranquil Garden
11x14 watercolor

Here is a cool, shady spot to sit during this hot summer!  This is inspired from a patio in France in the Provence region.  When we lived in London, we would go to France a lot.  I took so many pictures.  Lots of blue doors and shutters as well as beautiful shady patios to enjoy dinner alfresco.

My camera broke so I am using a new camera.  The colors came out much brighter than in the actual picture.  The blues and the darks are more intense in this image than in the actual painting, too.  I am not sure about my painting style.  I don't know if I am subconsciously going in a different direction or subconsciously painting in my natural style.  My paintings are having the more loose look I have been trying to achieve, however, I am wondering if they are lacking in technical skill.  With this painting I recognized the shapes of light and shadow and tried to translate those shapes here.  My darks are more vivid vs. dark in the painting.  I did go back and darken them with the opposite call so that they would not be so bright.  I am happy with the translation of the shapes and composition, but, I think the colors of the flowers in the foreground are too bright even though I went in with blues for shadows and to try to dull down.  I will have to look at the painting over the next few days and see how I feel.  What do you think?  Any thoughts?


  1. I think it has charm and is an upflifting painting! It's hard isn't it? To 'get' the whole loosening up thing? I'm doing the complete opposite at the moment in the hope that one day the looser style will come naturally as I gain confidence. I found that 'trying' to be loose didn't work for me. That is not about your own painting though which I really like :0)

  2. Liena Yarkin, Your Brush strocks is good.But Like more cassical. - DPSC BOSE,

  3. I love your shadows, and the whole painting looks very loose and fresh to me, too. I particularly like the changing colors/values on that right tree trunk.

  4. Wonderful work, your colors are bright and impressive, congratulations.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, made me very happy.


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