Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paintings from Spring Break

Free of Expectation

Sundance Run

My family and I were so lucky to stay at our friend's house in Telluride, CO. over Spring Break.  The very lucky part is that my friend is a fellow artist!!!!  In the craziness of packing, I forgot my paints.  Luckily, my friend had an extra palette of paints that she was happy to lend me so that we could paint together. 

My friend also paints in watercolor.  She paints faces a lot.  She showed me some pictures that she tore out of a magazine and sort of challenged me to paint one.  Now I was painting a completely different subject than usual and painting with someone else's color palette.  I was free of expectations of myself!  We were painting for fun.  That was how Free of Expectation came about.  I had seen some masking tape in one of the drawers and with Flocking Together still being fresh in my mind, I applied similar techniques here.  I really, really like the effect of masking.  I like the crisp edges and sharp contrast and the accidental bleeds.  I am trying to figure out how else to work masking into paintings at a more interesting level.  I am not sure what I think of this painting, but, I did have fun doing it!

I painted Sundance Run simply because I was so inspired by the mountains, trees, bright sunshine and very blue sky in Telluride.  Telluride is truly beautiful and my painting does not at all come close to representing the breathtaking surroundings.

Your feedback really makes my day!  Let me know what you think, good or bad.

Have a great week!


  1. How serendipitous that you left your paints at home and then was able to experience a different facet of your talent! I think "Free of Expectations" is wonderful!
    Your landscape too is quite beautiful. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be able to paint so well.

  2. I loved the efffect that you have created using the masking tapes..

  3. I think painting should always be a joy and free of expectation, you made two magical paintings while just having fun . The masking paper gives a fantastic effect, and the portrait is really special. I am going to use it more, thanks for the inspiration. I also like Sundance Run , great landscape and perfect shading.

  4. These two paintings are awesome. I especially love Free of expectation. Very colorful..different look with the masking. Again, great job.!

  5. I do like the handling of the face, the many colors.

  6. Well, I think it is beautiful and totally fascinating! I must try this! :0)

  7. Very interesting portrait. I like those vertical lines.


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