Monday, June 28, 2010

More French Riviera

Well, I broke my foot! Really. The only positive thing about it, is that I can sit and paint. So I worked on 3 paintings today. I painted outside with my foot propped up. Both of the above paintings are from photos. The other was a scene of giant Oak leaf hydrangeas. I will post that another day.

You have seen the black and white study of the Bike Race in Nice in a previous post. It is almost how I imagined. Still I would like to treat these cyclists as a single shape with colors mixing, just giving you the idea that they are cyclists. In the photo the cyclists are backlit so you really can't see as much detail as I have here. I did this on hot press paper. I sat on my back porch as the sky grew dark and thundered just before the rain came.

Beau Rivage was started a few weeks ago. Since I was so unhappy about my new status of being stuck with my foot up, I just finished this painting without being too careful. I liked how the finishing touches came out. Much looser than when I started. I also enjoyed the experience of "just do it". Because of that feeling, I started the Bike Race. Although I started Bike Race in a loose style, as the time went on, I got tighter, unintentionally.


  1. Sorry about the foot, but like the paintings, especially the bikes.

  2. I understand the frustration, and hope you heal quickly, Liana!But now look at the work,you really are good with those bicycles in action. (I have an old bicycle in my new post if you want to take a peek!)Thinking of you, all the best!

  3. I think both of these have a lovely loose feel to them. Love the bicycles especially - there's an incredible sense of movement. Get better soon.


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