Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I did these pears in a plein air class on a rainy day. We met in the studio and made some simple still lifes. We were limited to two colors and the main challenge was the painting style/technique which I cannot recall the name. I searched my notes and the internet and cannot find the name. If anyone knows please tell me. It is the style / technique were every stroke is put down with intention. No glazing or layering. If it is dark, you put it down dark the first time. Susanne Kelley is the teacher and her quote constantly is "paint what you see, not what you know". That is how I was able to paint the glass. I would like to try this again with another subject.


  1. Hi Liana, I think you mean "alla prima" style. It is fresh and direct!

  2. Thank you! Yes, alla prima. Al dente kept coming into my head. Thank you so much, ladies.

  3. liana,
    i also don't know the name...
    i got it from the comments by marie...
    and cathyann...
    doesn't matter, the painting is fantastic...
    the previous post about the beauty of ignorance was really interesting and informative...

  4. It's absolutely lovely. So fresh and translucent.

  5. You do amazing work! I came here to see your daily paintings and I am enchanted by it all!


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