Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nature Walk


I started the aspens in a class with Cecy Turner. She is an amazing artist. Check out her website to see the most beautiful landscapes in both oil and watercolor, Painting fall foliage is another opportunity for me to use the reds and oranges that I like.
11x14 original watercolor, Sold.

Sunbathing Poppies
I had a request to paint more poppies, which I couldn't wait to do. I love the transparency of the reds as well as mixing oranges, reds and dropping in blues and greens to get darker reds. These poppies are back lit. I love the way the way the petals glow when the sun is shining from behind a poppy. The petals look like crinkled tissue paper. They are so transparent when lit by the sun that you can see the cast shadow of petals from flowers that are behind. I love this layering effect.
11x14 original watercolor, Sold.

Sun Setting on a Country Road
I started this painting plein air when in Stowe, VT. I loved how the sun was shining brightly through the trees casting long shadows. I added some texture and detail in the studio this past week. Even though it lacks the detail of the Aspen studio painting, I like the feel that plein air paintings have. They are quick and capture the feel or mood. Plein air gives you a hint of the story and allows for your imagination to complete the picture.
11x14 original watercolor, $250


  1. Oh Liana, You have upto some great stuff. Loved all the paintings. The colors in Aspens is great. The poppies really have the sun trickling through the petals. And the plein air painting has great spontaneity and fluidity.

  2. nice clear confident wcs,good colour, that don't suffer from hesitation or over-correction.
    personally i prefer to put the shadows in first of all & not on top of other layers.

    paint on & wishing you happy creativity

  3. Thank you Prabal and Adam for your comments. I am so glad that each of you could see what I was trying to do. Adam, I have seen a couple of artists that put their shadows in first. Their paintings are so amazing with color. Check out Ken Hosmer or Frank Francese, if you are interested. They both use this technique.


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