Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Same Street

I couldn't wait until after Father's Day to post my latest commission. I was commissioned to paint a home that the family was going to give to the dad for Father's Day framed with a brass plate saying, "The home you provide us." I love doing these surprise paintings. I have to be 'sneaky' when I take the photos of the home to make sure I don't get caught by the gift receiver.
When I went to upload the photo, it turns out I have done 3 houses all on the same street here in historic Highland Park. They are all posted above. All of the homes were built in the 1920's. Each one has a unique story. One of the homes I actually looked at to buy, but, since I was 8 months pregnant and we had just renovated our current 1911 home, my husband didn't take me seriously. Amost a year later, the builder commissioned me to do a painting for the new owners, their client. In another home, the son who now has a family of his own with his children attending the same grade school he did, grew up in that house and his parents still live there. They gave that painting to his parents for their 75th wedding anniversary. They are all homes that have been carefully taken care of and renovated to preserve the architecture and history of not only the home, but of our wonderful neighborhood. A place where the kids walk, scooter, bike to school, play in the creek and have their soccer games in the school yard.
On all of the homes I paint, there is always a story. Their first home, the home they grew up in, the home they didn't want to leave, their dream home, the home they spent their summers, the home that has been torn down. I always love to hear the stories. I don't charge much for these paintings, but it is priceless to hear of the joy and sometimes tears that these home portraits bring to people.
Please let me know if you can recognize these homes and what you think!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are staying cool where you are!


  1. Very nice paintings. I like the limited shadowing and the stories.

  2. Thanks! On home portraits, my clients prefer to see the house. I know the true shadows could really make the painting pop. When I paint a structure that is not a commission, I will put the shadows on the structure.


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