Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8 of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 Challenge

Autumn in Blue
16x20 watercolor by Liana Yarckin

After the last two days of subject matter too complex to tackle in a day, I decided to paint these gourds. The grocery store had bags of them and I thought perfect for one of the 30 in 30 paintings.  My favorite blue glass bowl came to mind when thinking of the composition of this painting.  I painted the objects from life outside with the sun as my light source for strong shadows.  

More bright florals and still lifes on my facebook page:


  1. Your watercolors are amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment, I feel honored having it come from such an accomplished watercolorist.

    1. Oh, Deana, you just made my day. I liked your peacock feather so much, I forwarded it to my mom. She always had peacock feathers in our home and we would always play with them. I have been lucky enough to see live peacocks daily when I lived in London and crossed the park everyday. You captured the colors perfectly.

  2. Gorgeous! I am really enjoying all of your 30/30 paintings!


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