Sunday, April 16, 2017

Own Original Art

This is the very first piece of artwork I bought with my own money when I was in fifth or sixth grade. Silk batik. I remember the day perfectly. My mom and aunt took us cousins to an outdoor art show. We always went to art shows. But on this day I guess I was old enough and had my own money and my mom planted the seed that I could buy something with my money. It made me feel like an adult I guess. This was the first time I looked at all of the art pieces in a different way. Looking at the prices thinking which one would I want to have, which one could I afford and was worth me spending all of my money on? I saw three or four pieces that were in my budget, but this was the one I loved the most. It was five dollars more than I had. We ended up back in the car leaving and I had no art piece. My mom gave me the extra money to buy this piece. I remember running out of the car by myself all the way back to this artist's tent. Would I be able to find my way all the way back through this giant art show in the park? I found her and I bought this piece. Walking back to the car by myself with my first art purchase in hand was an incredible feeling. It was always in my room until I left for college. I recently found it in a box at my moms house. I remembered it, and now that I have my own kids, I remember being young and na├»ve and innocent and how large that art show in the park seemed to be. I remember how proud I was to buy my first art piece. 

Because of this experience I am going to think of something to have for the young and innocent to buy at my tent at Artscape Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden this year April 28-30. 

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Art Show - April 28, 29, 30th
Dallas Arboretum

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sneak Peak of Art Show - Dallas Arboretum

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April 28, 29, 30

16x22 Yellow Roses

11x14 Butterfly Kaleidoscope VII

Individual Butterflies

I am so excited to show my new butterfly series.  These sell as soon as I post on Instagram.  So I will have a whole new collection for Artscape.

Your feedback is just as valuable as a sell. It keeps me going, it warms my heart and often I learn something new!  So let me hear from you!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Is it art if it is pretty?

I have been thinking about what an artist said in a workshop for quite some time now.  He said something about don't paint another pretty picture, that's not art.  Then a year later, a friend said how her husband is a serious art collector and will not let her buy this "pretty" piece of art because it is not art.  It is not making a statement, it is not dark, it is not saying anything profound.  She told me that what if she wants to have it because it makes her happy when she looks at it.  Isn't that a feeling?  Why does art have to only evoke dark emotions?  I agreed with her and told her about the statement this artist made to our class.  One day I posted a painting of butterflies and the words just came out as maybe I want to be a butterfly and fly away with them.  I thought what does that mean, why did I say that?  When I paint giant flowers and photograph flowers at odd angles I have literally thought what if I was so tiny that this flower was taller than me like Alice in Wonderland.  I have literally laid on the ground to take photos of flowers from a viewpoint in the garden of only 3" above the ground to see what it feels like.  That is called escapism.  What if artists paint "pretty" paintings to escape.  What are they escaping from?  That can be very dark.  What if an artist is moved to paint something "pretty"?  Isn't that an appreciation of nature's beauty.  Even a city scene crowded with people and the shadows on the ground.  For me that is capturing people as one - all busy - hurrying together or the patio scenes I like to paint - I always want to be in my patio scenes under an umbrella, enjoying the luxury of time, time with friends, the gorgeous weather in a group setting with others doing the same.  These are emotions and feelings that I like to experience and that is why I paint "pretty" paintings.  Anytime I stop to take a photo of a flower, an aspen tree, shadows, I am saying to the busyness of the world, "Excuse me, I just noticed some beauty that I must document because it moves me." 

Tulips Dancing in the Wind
15x22 watercolor
by Liana Yarckin

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Flying into Spring at the Dallas Arboretum

Happy Spring to you!  Almost.  My work with butterflies has evolved into something I never imagined.  About 5 -7 years ago I had imagined a watercolor of a multitude of butterflies flying all around with me in the center.  I could never get it on paper.  I have posted about this before.  Trying to get the idea of a kaleidoscope (that is what a group of butterflies is called) of butterflies in flight.  I started with butterflies on flowers, then went to butterflies in flight, then a single realistic butterfly, then single "watercolory" butterfly to now a kaleidoscope of butterflies in flight.  Trying to capture the fluttering wings on video let alone paper is hard!  I have been blessed now with noticing butterflies wherever I go.  Sometimes they stay in my presence for so long, it is too much to video. My son and I had the pleasure of watching and video taping a beautiful butterfly in our garden feasting on the pollen in the flowers for over 20 minutes.  He (the butterfly) was so happy with our garden.  I think I wrote on my facebook page about what kind of flowers were in our garden that the butterflies like. I am pleased with what my art has evolved into at the moment.  I thought it was interesting how it came about.  I have posted some samples of the journey here with most recent first.  Some have already sold from when I posted on instagram or facebook or at Cerulean Gallery.  The others, plus new ones that have yet to be created will be at Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum April 28-30.  Be sure to go because I, too, am like a butterfly, I never know where my wings will take me.  I did not do Artscape last year because I was preparing for a gallery show.  So come this year!!!!!

all original watercolors by Liana Yarckin

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Artscape - Dallas Arboretum

April 28 - 30