Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 12 - 30 in 30 Challenge - Flowers

The Royals of the Garden
11x14 watercolor by Liana Yarckin

Okay, I am losing track on which day it is in Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  Email subscribers, please be patient.  I got an unscriber message yesterday :(.  I guess too many emails.  I can suspend the emails so that you don't get an update everyday or I was also intending on posting to my website instead, but, I am running out of time in the day and posting here is faster.  I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering other artists from the posts on Leslie's page and from the artists that have commented here and on my facebook page.  I also love having this deadline of getting a painting done to show to allllllllll of the viewers that are going on Leslie's page as well as my facebook and local friends.  It is fun to show up somewhere and someone says, "I LOVE your painting for today!" or when I received a call today, "I know you have to go because you are painting in that challenge."

This painting is more on the purple side in real life.  I did not brighten it on the computer, but the yellows and magentas are more intense on screen than in reality.  Photos of these tulips taken at the Dallas Arboretum have been sitting on my desk so they must have entered my subconscious because when I woke today, I thought of them.  I am pleased with this painting, but, still in love with yesterday's painting.  I feel guilty letting another painting be the first painting when one visits my blog.  

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  1. Gorgeous piece!

  2. your watercolours are beautiful - your flowers especially and love the boy in the last post!

  3. Stunning tulips, one of my favourite blooms to paint too. Your depth of colour is great

  4. I just signed up to your blog and will love receiving your beautiful watercolors daily!

  5. It is stunning!! I love this! Maybe be you could post seven paintings at the end of each week, all on one post - this way your subscribers won't be quite so overwhelmed with emails but they still see all of your lovely art :0)

  6. Delicious fluid colors, I like it a lot!

  7. hi is always a quandry isn't to notify people without overwhelming them. I can't imagine someone not wanting to see this in their mail each day.
    one of many flowers I love to paint, too. Your watercolors are divine!

  8. Beutiful flowers, so I can smell it.


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