Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stretching paper over canvas

Sails at Luxembourg Gardens
16x20 watercolor stretched on canvas

In Pat Kochan's class we stretched watercolor paper over canvas.  She wanted to teach us this technique for instances when your client doesn't want or cannot have glass.  It is pretty easy, but, takes more time or effort than I care for unless, of course I am requested to do it.  Just like stretching your watercolor on a board, you wet the paper on both sides, simply wrap the canvas and staple the paper down as you would on board.  You will have to use a staple gun.  Be sure to treat the corners as if you were wrapping a present by just folding them in.  When it dries, you will have a tightly wrapped canvas.  Once your painting is complete, you must protect your painting with a spray varnish.

I finally got my courage up to paint this from a photo I took in 1998.  This was a very hot day.  So hot that everyone was just sitting around the pond, nobody sailing one of these toy boats.  Well, there was no wind, either.  I took several different photos of this man and his cart.  Another painting I did from these photos was Sailing in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France, which is of the children sailing the boats.  I heard that they took the ferris wheel down recently.  Does anyone know if that is permanent or do they take it down every year?

Happy painting!  Have a great week and thank you so much for reading my blog!
p.s.  If you have a favorite cafe scene and you would like to loan it to me for my cafe series, by all means, please email it to me or post it on my Facebook wall.

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  1. I was there last June and there was no ferris wheel. Gorgeous painting!

    I have many pics of this pond and the children with their boats, but like you, have put off attempting it. Now, I think I need to give it a try! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful work. love the sun light.

  3. I love the sunlit effect and those lovely colours! What a good idea with the paper too :0)

  4. Love the feel of this! You are always so inspiring. Thank you SO much for visiting and for your kind comment. It made my day.

  5. I like the painting. I've painted in watercolor over gessoed stretched canvas in the past to avoid glass. With a varnish cover, the paint is fixed.

  6. Thank you, friends. Anthony, I would love to know more about painting on the gesso with watercolor. Did you have to use an absorbent ground or add medium to the watercolor?


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