Sunday, May 17, 2009

Children Can Make You Smile

Sailing in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France
16x22, original watercolor by Liana Yarckin

Follow up to the previous post about talking to my kids classes for career week. The kids were so sweet! First, my son said that I needed to bring goodies to pass out and could I write my name and website on cards to pass out. I have business cards, but, what kind of marketing goodies does an artist have lying around the studio?
I was so impressed with their questions - "Do you like being an artist? - Is it fun? - Is it hard? What is it like?" I had taken some unframed paintings to show and someone noticed there was something on the back of a painting. They wanted to see it, I told them when I don't like how a painting comes out, I just paint on the other side. All of them wanted to see the painting that I didn't like. They were so sweet, all commented, "I like it, it is pretty, you did a good job." Obviously, they are all nurtured and loved.
The best part was when my son was passing out the "goodies" - watercolor sets and a little girl asked, "When did you start becoming an artist?" I said, "When I was your age and with these very same watercolors I am giving you." They all had wide eyes and couldn't believe it. The next day when I dropped my son off at his class, the quietest little girl held up a painting she did with the watercolors I passed out. Her giant smile and pride is still making me feel all warm and fuzzy!!!!

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  1. Liana, I enjoyed your career week story! Love your work, too! Christine M.

  2. Liana, thanks for stopping by my site! Your work is fresh. I think watercolor is very demanding medium and I admire those who do it well. I used to teach little ones and yes...they and their impressions are priceless. You did a wonderful thing telling them your story. You never know where that influence and enthusiasm will take them, but for sure they will never forget. happy painting! Welcome to the artblog world, lots of warm and generous people out here.

  3. Hi Liana:

    You have some beautiful paintings on your blog, including this one.

    Children are so impressionable, and it's wonderful when they are being influenced to learn new things and to grow. Art and creating is one of those things that stick with us forever. I don't blame you for being thrilled when that quiet girl showed you her painting. You ought to be proud!

  4. What an incredible story! How amazing to have such an effect on the kids. and so great you took watercolor sets to them.
    Love the color and light in this painting.


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