Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Rose Bouquet

Love is in the Air

Love Wins

This year has been so joyful so far, it makes me want to keep spreading the love. I am so thrilled with Cards Direct purchasing the license to use some of my paintings that it has really given me the joy and justification to paint more.

Because of Cards Direct, I painted Love is in the Air. When I painted this I thought that they could use it has a background. This was new freedom for me to paint in this style. It was experimentation with color and new techniques that I normally don't use. Cards Direct did purchase this one and asked me to do something similar with butterflies.

Love Wins was inspired after I went to a Southwestern Watercolor Society meeting. The artists bring paintings that are voted on. I saw two that were done with masking fluid and looked like batik. They had bright colors with the high contrast against the white. Our speaker / demonstration was by Carla O'Connor. She is one crazy artist - and I mean that in the most desired way! From her, I learned freedom in painting. She said crazy things like, "I don't know what it is going to look like in the end...", "oh, let's see what will happen if i do this...", "painting is not the painting in the end, it is the process...". By watching Carla paint and listening to her, I was inspired to be more free and more experimental. Question for you on Love Wins: Should I paint the background solid black with Indian ink so that the hearts and circles pop out?

Last, Rose Bouquet. I had a rough sketch made from several photos I have taken of roses. I added some white hydrangeas because I noticed the use of hydrangeas in the Valentine Bouquets around town this past week. I painted it looser than usual and also, you should have seen how dark the first stroke of red was on the wet paper! I love painting with reds and pinks. I literally felt "drunk" during this painting. I was not. My family had been gone for 3 solid hours, I had the music blasting, and not one interruption. It was blissful!

So whether it is Valentine's Day or some other day, spread the love!


  1. These paintings are all so soft and beautiful! How wonderful that you have a card company buying your work - It must be the most wondeful feeling :0)

  2. Gorgeous paintings, Liana!! Your roses are just stunning and the batik ones are fabulous too, great idea:) And 3 hrs uninterrupted painting time, no wonder you felt drunk, that is bliss:)

  3. hey congrats! that is great news...
    imo do not use black on that card... it is fresh and has good color as itis. Whle black might pop it out...the associations with black might dampen the effect of the joy in the hoiday. Humbly offered... have a great day!

  4. The rose/Hydrangea painting is stunning. It is so light and fresh.

  5. Congratulations on the card company...they made a very good choice! I would think it might be to dark if you painted that background black on "Love Wins". The colors keeps it so light and cheerful.

  6. Very nice from serious to a bit of whimsy!

  7. Thank you friends for your comments.

  8. Cathyann and Carol, thank you very much for your opinions on the background. I agree with you. Something in my gut told me not to, but, I couldn't figure out why. You are both absolutely right, a dark background would not be appropriate for this holiday.


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