Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Daffodils or The Daffodils on Mockingbird Lane
13x22 watercolor
The daffodils are blooming on Mockingbird Lane. I keep seeing them as I drive by and think, "Oh, I have got to come take photos", then I chuckle because one of my biggest supporters cannot stand daffodils AND they happen to live on Mockingbird Lane. The neighbors on Mockingbird Lane decided to make daffodils their street flower so the whole street and streets around it have daffodils lining the sidewalks. How can a daffodil be a flower that someone does not like. The architecture alone of a daffodil is so unique. With a center cup surrounded by 6 petals alternating in two different kinds of petals. Here I show two different varieties. I am not sure of the names. The white with orange centers are very ruffly.

Four pack of florals
The note cards are here!!! I am so pleased with how the note cards have turned out. I ordered some for myself to give to clients as appreciation gifts. I had mine printed on felt, which looks very similar to watercolor paper. The quality came out so good and true to color. They almost look like originals! A direct link for this 4 pack has not been set up just yet. I will post it as soon as CardsDirect puts the 4 pack on their site. In the meantime, if you want some, just email me.


  1. Daffodils are beautiful , and at this time of the year you just appreciate whatever comes up from the earth! Your daffodils are really gorgeous, a lot of movement and light/shadow.

  2. Daffodils are a sign that Spring has sprung and I love them for that reason :0)
    The cards are adorable! How wonderful to see your own work in print like that!

  3. Please delete this comment if you perhaps receive the same one twice, Liana: Your daffodils and cards are beautiful. You have such a command of the watercolor medium!

  4. I'm with could anyone dislike daffodils. Especially in your beautiful rendition! Glorious! Now I know for sure that spring is here.


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