Friday, April 12, 2013

Art Reception Announcement

Please join me to celebrate another year of painting and life in general.

Come with your girlfriends, your kiddos or your hubbies for a good time.

City Cafe has special treats for the kiddos - t-shirts with one of my paintings printed on them!

10% of the proceeds are going to The Retina Foundation of the Southwest

That's my baby boy in the painting.  Inspired from a photo I took of him jumping with joy at the State Fair.  It takes so little to make a toddler happy.  It is on display at City Cafe, but not for sale.  

I think I still need to explore this painting idea more.  However, since the subject matter is dear to my heart, I love the painting for now.  If you know what I need to do to make it a competition worthy painting, please let me know.  I want to improve it, but, I am so close to it that I can't think objectively.  I like the idea of one person and then all of the shadows.  I am thinking that I need to make the entire front of the figure dark.   I like letting the shadows be all colors mixing together as they are.  But, I also like the idea of the sunlight on the side of his shirt and body disappearing into the sunlit background.  Or is it suppose to be that the boy and his shadow only stand out from all of the rest?  In any event, I am all ears to your suggestions, even starting on a fresh piece of paper.  That is how into this idea I am.  Actually, any further exploration will be on new paper and I will just keep this as one of the versions.


  1. I think this is beautiful just as it is! You get a good sense of lots of things going on around him because of those wonderful shadows - and I love the colours in the shadows by the way - and yet he remains the focus of the painting. And the feeling of sunlight is stunning! I love it! :0)

  2. I love the shadows here as well.. They are happy and colorful as his smile, Liana :0)


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