Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alfresco with Friends

February 1, 6-8 at City Cafe, looking forward to seeing you!

The first in a new series of paintings - Cafe Scenes.  I have been wanting to paint these cafe scenes for probably 10 years now, but, I have always been intimidated.  The thought of painting each and every person in the scene has been so overwhelming to me.  Finally, in Pat Kochan's class, (a studio class where you can work on whatever you want or apply what she is teaching to your painting), she gave me both encouragement and some tips to get me to paint the photo of the above.

Breaking the photo down into a very simple value sketch and then only focusing on values and large shapes of value, I was half way through the painting before I knew it.

I am working on my second cafe scene.  I attempted pouring techniques.  So far, no good.  We will see how it comes out.  Here I used juicy paint wet onto dry quickly over the large middle value shape.  I like how the colors mingled into one another creating new colors and just implying what is going on.

This painting is framed and hanging in my show at City Cafe.  I hope to see you at the reception!  Please bring your smiling face and friends!


  1. Very good. The limiting of the detail is handled very well.

  2. There is nothing like finding the right teacher to make milestone steps ahead. The painting is beautiful and looks so difficult! Great café scene indeed!

  3. Lovely cafe painting. The colors draw you in. Congrats on the show. Such beautiful work.

  4. Oh I just LOVE scenes like these - So vibrant and full of life! This is just my cup of tea :0)
    I would also find a scene like this a little intimidating and so would usually avoid! Butit helps to look at it in a simpler way. It sounds like a great class :0)

  5. oooouuuuuuhhh great job!! Looks like your typical Munich cafe.....super!!

  6. Beautiful painting!! It looks like a complicated piece but you aced it.!


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