Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do I like Pink?

Pink Tulips in a Vase

Pink Roses

The spring flowers are all gone by now.  We had lovely pink tulips in our yard this year.  Luckily, because of our unusual cool temperatures, the tulips lasted a while.  The Pink Roses may or may not be complete, yet.  I like it like this and am too chicken to do more.  What if I mess it up!  So I am leaving it like this for now until I feel good about the next step.  Any suggestions?

p.s.  I think I have had enough of flowers.  I am painting lots of other things for the card company and the trade show in May.  Maybe I will posts some of those things next time.


  1. The tulips are gorgeous, beautiful colors and light definition, the roses could easily be ruined by the wrong i brushstroke , but sometimes when we leave a painting alone for a while, the good idea comes least it works for me that way.

  2. Lovely and clean in style, Liana! Once again a lovely card idea!

  3. The tulips are absolutely fabulous. And I agree with Jane. Whenever you are feeling good, do not be scared to give a few touches. It has to come out good !

  4. Tulips are great Liana. And the roses remind me of Jeane Carboneti. I think some stronger values and color constrasts can be added here and there as loosley as possible to build a focal point.

  5. Thank you, friends. Prabal, I tried to find Jeane Carboneti on the internet with no luck and then on blogger. Who is this? I am so curious now. In any event, I just spent an hour and a half discovering some fabulous watercolor blogs.

  6. I also love pink as I'm sure you can tell by my own blog :0)
    This underwash is beautiful and I wouldn't want to wait! It's a lovely painting waiting to happen :0)

  7. Liana,
    Jeanne is author of a lot of books including the Tao of watercolor which I have with me. This is a link to one of her paintings..

  8. Very nice!
    I will follow your works.



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