Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beach Scenes

Beach Deck Lunch - Ptown
11x14 watercolor and acryllic
by Liana Yarckin

My latest painting.  The original did not come off like I had imagined.  I got brave and literally "framed" out the parts I liked with blue.  I saved the pieces I liked and kept laying on blue paint.

Should I include this in my show?  I really like it, but, will someone else like it?

If you have a facebook page, let me know.  I love seeing my artist friends' art in my newsfeed.


  1. I think if you really like it, you should include it! And I like it :0)

  2. Replies
    1. Anthony, thanks for your opinion. I think I will include it.

  3. It is different, it is good, you like it.... enough reasons for it to be on the show!

    1. AK, thank you. It is different, I am not sure if my regulars will think it is good, but, I do like it.


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