Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nature Mix

Love is in the Air

Do you ever wish for more time and then when you get it unexpectedly you don't know what to do with it?  I am so use to rushing from one thing to the next.  But, all day today I had so much free time on my hands and I couldn't bring myself to paint or anything else for that matter.  My husband having to leave midday on a Sunday for a trip probably has a lot to do with it.  Despite it being a bright, clear, sunny day, I still have the winter blues.  Usually, when I paint or write on my blog I end up feeling fulfilled.  So here is an attempt to send those blues away!

One good experience I did have today, though, is that a family came to pick up Nature Mix.  They selected the painting for their daughter's room.  They were trying to decide between this one and  the giant seal.  Because of the size, they ended up with Nature Mix.  The photo is not as great as in person.  When I pulled out the original, I saw all of the details of the colors mixing together.  Both looking at the original and the enthusiasm the family had for this painting did give me some new ideas for some future paintings, too.  Maybe I will start on one tonight.  

My favorite painting still, is Love is in the Air.  The above is a detail of the original which is 15x22.  You can order note cards of this image and have anything printed on the front or inside.  I would order them with "happy valentine's day" printed in all lower case in the lower right hand corner.  If you order any, let me know how you customized them!  Oh, take a photo of them and post it on my facebook page.  Would love to see it!

Winter blues, almost gone.  Hope you are having winter yellows or oranges.


  1. Well I do hope that those winter blues have turned into pinks! I know how you feel - this time of year is also bad for me. The days are so short and it's hard to feel inspired on dark, cold days.
    Still - looking at this is enough to brighten my day! The painting is truly uplifting! :0)

  2. Love is in the air is really beautiful, Liana! Wonderful job.

  3. love is in the air is a beautiful design liana makes a lovely ard , i hope you paint those blues away .


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