Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrations selected my painting for their online promo!

Hello dear friends.  My week last week started and ended great.  First, I received a promo email from featuring my painting!!!!  When you press the link it takes you to the Cardsdirect web pages featuring my artwork.  Thanks Cardsdirect!

Thank you to everyone who came to the reception for my art show on Wednesday night.  You made it a great celebration.  Having everyone's support and smiling faces made it a success.  Above the first picture is of two inspiring, passionate go-getter friends.  My Latvian friend brought me flowers, a Latvian tradition.  My husband, is in the picture below, without his support and encouragement I would not be painting at all.  The last photo is of Michele of City Cafe.  He has been so wonderful to work with and so supportive.  To see more photos of the night and many more wonderful supporters, please visit my Facebook page.

Thank you to City Cafe, you did a beautiful job hosting, the food was yummy, champagne flowing and just a wonderful atmosphere.  The night started great with 2 paintings selling two hours before show time!  Three more paintings sold during the reception.  After Love Wins (below) sold, 2 other people tried to purchase it for Valentine's Day gifts.  I wish I had giclees of it on hand.  The next day my sweet and wonderful husband said he wanted to buy it for me for Valentine's Day, too.


  1. Liana,
    A big congratulation all over gaian to you. You deserve it.

  2. What an uplifting post to read! I am so happy for you - congratulations! I wish you many more weeks like that :0)


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