Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dented but Still Works

Old Watering Can

Well my watering can turned up with a dent right on top of it. I asked my 3 sons how did this happen and I got 3 "I don't know" answers with each one shrugging his shoulders and running off. Do I continue to paint the watering can with a dent in it in every painting? How can I buy a new one if this one still works?

In any event, I cannot complain about the perennials or the heavy rains that we have had. The flowers are just thriving. The tall pink flowers in the back are over 4 feet tall. There is a whole mess of this pink "bush" which continues up beyond the painting. It is like a wild tangle of Medusa's hair. There are so many blooms on the zinnias and they are just spilling out over the walk. The black salvia is spiking out tall and proud.

This photo has an overall blue overtone compared to the painting. The upper left corner is unpainted but in the photo it came out blue gray. I did use the auto correct on the computer, but, this is the best it came out. I think I may need to connect some of the darks to get rid of the spottiness.


  1. The colors are great. The Dent adds character.

  2. Lovely colors, lovely blog.

  3. Fresh as those flowers!Liana ..but I agree with you about the darks..maybe pulling them into that upper left corner? Do it on a piece of acetate then hold it over the painting that way if you don't like don't have to redo the painting. I like the "mysteriously"dented can.:-))

  4. Very fresh and delightful, Liana!


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